Video Production

Engage Customers with Videos

A quality video speaks volumes. Especially since the majority of the population is visually driven. Whether it’s a video about your company, products, services, or brand, customers, and potential clients will be much more likely to engage in your services or products if they can see what you do or sell.

Marketing with April is a leading digital agency with a team capable of producing high-quality video content to increase your online presence. Our experienced team uses new, advanced solutions to design exciting video content to increase participation and sales online.

Increase Your User Engagement

In today’s media-driven world, videos are quickly becoming a crucial way to engage audiences online. Whether you’re taking the corporate or promotional route, videos are a great way to display your services and products.

Using videos as a marketing tool on your website or through channels such as YouTube can help to advertise your business, better user-experience, and improve your company/brand’s presence online. It’s a proven fact that websites that have videos have a much higher rate of repeat customers.

What We Offer

Marketing with April offers a variety of solutions to help create quality video content. Our video design team can optimize videos for improved user-experience and fast streaming. We can also apply social media share options to help increase your content’s reach.

Our services include:

  • Service and Product videos – Our service and product videos will help to better explain what your company does or sells.
  • Corporate Video Production – There are multiple uses for corporate videos. You can include demonstration and training videos to help new employees learn the ropes or use testimonial and interview videos to encourage public trust and loyalty.
  • Interactive Videos – Interactive videos can drastically increase click-through rates and improve user engagement. Some of our interactive functions include auto play, expandable screens, and more.
  • Rich Media Banners – Media banners can also improve click-through rates by using compelling, interactive images and videos.

Are you ready to take the next step in online marketing? Contact Marketing with April today and we’ll get you started.