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Meet April C. Barnard: Your Friendly Guide to Business Success

At Marketing with April, we proudly stand behind our founder and CEO, April C. Barnard. As a women-owned, family-operated, and faith-based business nestled in the heart of East Texas, April & MWA team brings not just experience but genuine passion to the table.

A devoted mother of three and grandmother to seven, she is committed to helping small businesses thrive and aiding others in achieving their goals. April is all about helping small businesses grow and succeed. She also runs Explore Northeast Texas, offering affordable advertising for local businesses.April and the MWA are part of the Longview Connection, Longview Tourist group, a member of the Board of Directors of CASA East Texas, and she worked with the Hughes Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Northeast Texas Small Business Development Center.

April extends her support to the local community by hosting events to raise money for the Longview Blue Santa Program, East Texas Angel Network and CASA of Northeast Texas. With a remarkable 20+ years in the marketing industry, April's journey is truly self-made, reflecting dedication and expertise."



Empower businesses to thrive through expert guidance, strategic marketing, and unwavering commitment to core values.

The Journey and Philosophy Behind - Marketing with April

At the core of Marketing with April is a commitment to leveraging professional expertise and personal experiences to make a positive impact on businesses. By providing essential skills, services, and structures, we empower entrepreneurs to break free from limitations, overcome fears, and cultivate a healthy, positive lifestyle within their businesses. Our emphasis on creating processes fosters a balanced work-life dynamic. Passionate about digital marketing, April Barnard, the driving force behind the venture, draws from years of entrepreneurial experience, including owning businesses such as a handmade candle company, a credit repair business, and a hosting/web design firm.

Reflecting on past endeavors, April realized the importance of building a solid foundation and scaling strategically. Having transitioned from Corporate America, where she served as an Internet Marketing Manager for a successful financial company and held key roles in manufacturing giants, April now channels her extensive knowledge into Marketing with April.

The mission is clear: help small businesses succeed by sharing learned processes and marketing techniques. Every business, regardless of budget, should have the tools to build a robust digital foundation and scale their business as they grow. It is through this growth that businesses not only contribute to their communities but also help others realize their dreams."


~ Zig Ziglar ~

Guiding Principles of Success

The concept that has been our cornerstone as an entrepreneur is summed up by this profound idea:

'You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.'

At Marketing with April, our core values reflect this philosophy, and we keep it simple and straightforward:

  • We alone are responsible for the trajectory of our lives - nobody else!

  • We don't make excuses - we find solutions!

  • We don't hope and wish for a better life and business - we work hard to make it happen!

  • Money is NOT the answer - it is a simple tool!

  • Money is NOT our goal - stewardship is!

  • Abundance does not come from an accumulation of wealth - it comes from building the life you always dreamed of.

  • We don't simply aim to take care of ourselves alone - we aim beyond this in hopes of blessing others on top of it all!

  • Discipline is NOT a chore - it is the foundation of success, and we TRUST the PROCESS!

  • Self-control is NOT a drag - it is the fuel for growth.

  • The highest form is to be a servant leader - have your life in order so that you can always be ready and prepared to serve those around you! In essence, our values guide us to work hard, find solutions, and be a force for positive change in our lives and the lives of those we serve.


Hands-On- Guidance

We prioritize coaching our clients through the latest marketing technologies, empowering them to craft virtual marketing machines tailored to their businesses. Our commitment lies in providing hands-on guidance, ensuring clients harness the full potential of modern tools to drive their digital success.


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Marketing with April is a family-owned and women-led business based in the heart of northeast Texas, with a strong commitment to supporting small businesses and our local communities. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we empathize with the challenges faced by small business owners and recognize the immense value of digital marketing in addressing these issues. Our full-service agency is dedicated to equipping your business with a robust digital foundation, ensuring your success in an increasingly digital landscape.

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