Video Advertising

Quality Pre-Roll, Powerful Advertising

As a company or brand, you want your advertising efforts to make an impact. With quality pre-roll video designed by Marketing with April’s video team, you can achieve just that.

What is Pre-Roll?

You might be thinking to yourself, just what is pre-roll and why is it so important for advertising my business/brand?

To answer your questions, pre-roll videos are short, promotional clips that play before the rest of the video content plays. Pre-roll videos usually last between 15 and 30 seconds.

A pre-roll video is an effective tool that marketers and advertisers can use to improve their video campaigns. When people view a video or click on a link, they typically do so with intent. Before the video loads, however, they are focused on whatever image or message fills the viewing screen. That’s where pre-roll comes in.

Adding in layers of interactivity on top of the video clip, a business can communicate with customers directly. Other attractive features of pre-roll include:

  • Auto-Play – When a customer visits a website, their attention is already focused on what they want to see. Auto-play can take advantage of this vital moment by grabbing the customer’s attention.
  • They’re interactive – Pre-roll video has the ability to add interactive components to the videos on your website. Pre-roll gives the user an experience similar to the impulse buy the section of a store. Basically, pre-roll is an interactive call to action that can help to convert viewers into customers.
  • They’re compatible – Pre-roll is easily compliant with established video standards making them easy to use on most video players around the web.

We Can Create Video for You

At Marketing with April, we can create quality, effective pre-roll add campaigns to boost your views and drive potential customers to become active customers. Our full-service marketing agency offers our clients centralized access to a huge variety of pre-roll services so that your video advertising content reaches your target audience wherever it needs to go.