Graphic Design & Creatives

Make your business stand out with stunning graphics

With all the high-tech technology and special effects in today’s digital age, it’s getting harder to stand out amongst your peers. You want your company image to pop and set you apart from your competitors.

As a full marketing agency, Marketing with April offers a wide range of graphic design services. Everything from logo design to billboard ads are offered under our broad range of graphic design services. We’ll go above and beyond to help small, medium, and large-sized businesses increase their branding and visual appeal to help modernize their websites.

Types of Graphic Design we offer

Marketing with April offers numerous graphic design services to help you spruce up your website with stunning visuals.

Some of the services we offer include:

Logo Design

Marketing with April offers top-grade, professional logo designs to increase your brand’s appeal.  Our Marketing Agency will take a tactical approach to helping you create new and unique brand images. Benefits of improving logo design include;

  • Improved Brand Advertising
  • Updated Trends
  • Improved Growth

Our logo design services will help set your company apart from competitors. With our unique logo design, we can help increase your company’s visual appeal and branding.

Magazine Layouts

If you’re a company that offers magazines to your customers, you know the importance of a good, eye-catching layout. Our graphic design experts can create a simple, easy to read magazine layout with stunning visuals to help promote your products, brand, and company.

Display Banner Ads

Display banner ads are one of the most important forms of marketing used in today’s online world. Our agency can help you create an effective display banner ad to boost your online traffic and increase your brand’s awareness. With our simple, strategic graphic design techniques, you’ll be well on your way to generating more clicks on your website.

Social Media Imagery

Social media is an invaluable tool in today’s business world. We’ll help you design attractive social media imagery that will appeal to customers and increase your visual appearance.

Billboard Graphics

Quality billboard graphics can increase your brand’s visual awareness. Marketing with April can design billboard graphics that will not only catch the eye but stay with customers long after they’ve driven past.

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