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At Marketing with April, we hold firm in our belief that true success in the digital marketing realm is built on strong partnerships with the businesses we assist.

We are committed to providing individualized support, fostering collaborative relationships that go beyond marketing to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.


Our primary aim is to empower the businesses we collaborate with, enabling them to achieve sustainable growth through a robust digital foundation strategy that can adapt and scale as their business flourishes.

We remain dynamic and ever-evolving, just as the internet landscape, to ensure that our clients consistently deliver an exceptional online experience to their customers.


Marketing with April is committed to providing you with swift, effective results through meticulous planning that allows us to tackle multiple angles simultaneously.

With over 30 years of marketing expertise, we

craft tailored marketing strategies aligned with your unique requirements , steering clear of one-size-fits-all approaches. Your success is our ultimate metric, and we measure it by the tangible results you achieve.



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Transforming business with revolutionary digital marketing.

In today's fast-paced digital world, digital marketing is all about how casing your products, services, or brands in an engaging and targeted manner using various online channels. It's like a digital art form, allowing businesses to monitor and understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. At Marketing with April, we specialize in building virtual marketing machines based on a robust digital foundation.

Our services encompass reputation management, social marketing, responsive websites, review generation, content marketing, and listing management tools. With these tools, we make it easier for your customers to discover and trust your business in local search, enhancing your online presence and credibility. Let us guide you through this transformative journey to success in the digital realm.


Empower your online presence with our cutting-edge 32-point website audit report. Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, and competitive insights that will elevate the digital strategy for your business.

We Can Develop Your Website ALSO

Behold, The Hero Websites, our web program is dedicated to unleashing your online superpower! Whether your website needs a fresh look, a mobile-friendly makeover, or a complete transformation, our team is here to make sure your web presence shines.

We create custom websites like Shopify stores and WordPress. Our sites are designed to skyrocket your business success. And here's the best part: every single one of our sites comes with hosting, personalized domains, and email addresses. Your online adventure begins now! 💥🌟


Marketing with April offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services tailored to your needs, including local marketing, search engine marketing, web design, web hosting, digital marketing, brand identity, and social media marketing. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of online promotion to elevate your business to new heights in the digital landscape.

Local Marketing

If you run a local business and you want to outrank your competitors, local marketing is just the thing that you need. Local marketing will help your business outrank your competitors, which is a good thing for every company. Trust me when I say that local marketing is something your business certainly needs.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a guaranteed must for every business. It will help you to get seen by more people on Google. When it comes to SEO, you want to make sure it is done correctly, and it most certainly will be when you let our business take care of it for you.

Web Design & Hosting

Nobody likes to use old, ugly websites that run slowly. It's time for a new look and new feel for your business that is sure to impress your clients. Both new and old clients! Your new website will look nothing but stunning when redone by our company. That is one thing we can guarantee.

Digital Advertising

Your business will get in front of your audience faster than you could have imagined with our optimized ad services. You will only pay pennies for an ROI generating ad. Trust us when we say that advertising is the best way to get your business out there and we can help you do precisely that. You will have only the best people advertising for you when you choose us.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is paramount in the digital age, as it directly influences how customers perceive your business. Marketing with April specializes in reputation management to ensure your online image accurately reflects your brand, safeguarding your credibility and fostering trust among your audience.

Branding Identity

It is crucial that businesses go to great lengths to make sure their brand identity is perfect. Well, when you use Marketing with April, you can be confident it will be. We cannot stress the importance enough that you should be aware of how your brand is represented.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is used by everyone. Literally, everyone. However, Facebook is not the only social media platform that you need to use to build a strong social media reputation. Many other social media platforms will benefit your business immensely. Having a strong social media reputation is crucial to creating your online presence.

Lead Management

Effective lead management is the lifeblood of any successful business. At Marketing with April, we excel in lead management, guiding you through the process of capturing, nurturing, and converting leads, helping you maximize your sales potential and business growth.

CRM Integration

Efficient CRM management and integration are pivotal for streamlining your customer interactions and enhancing your business operations. With our expertise in platforms like GO HIGH LEVEL and Agent CRM, Marketing with April can seamlessly integrate and manage these systems to optimize customer engagement, automate processes, and drive business success.

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Real Strategies to Grow Your Facebook Group

January 05, 20244 min read

Real Strategies to Grow Your Facebook Group

Real Strategies to Grow Your Facebook Group

Starting a Facebook Group is easy. Just a few clicks, a clever name, and the same descriptive information will make it official. Running a successful and active group that continues to grow without losing steam can be a challenge. Planning creativity, and care can turn this community into one of your brand’s biggest assets. These real strategies to grow your Facebook Group will guide you on your way.


Depending on the type of privacy you choose.  It may be necessary to approve members to your group.  Unfortunately, trolls and spammers are a troublesome issue for many Facebook Groups.  They should have things like a profile picture, unique cover photo, some demographic information, and friends.  When recruiting for your group, avoid the temptation to automatically add  people or to solicit folks from other groups,  Both of these are considered rude and annoying.  You can promote on your personal or business page.  Write about your new group on your blog or add a graphic to your opt-in page.


Nothing is worse than a boring or inactive group.  Be sure you make the time to regularly monitor and moderate the activity there.  Members will expert the group leader to respond and engage within a reasonable amount of time.  In addition, you may be surprised how quickly spammers or instigators can creep into your group if left unchecked.   Being regularly active in your own group is also just plain fun, and it helps to ensure engagement doesn’t languish.


Before becoming a Facebook Group administrator, you should join some groups as a member.   Perhaps you already have.  If not, join a couple groups related to hobbies or subjects that interest you.  Getting involved as a member can give you a great deal of insight.  You’ll see how different groups are run, get content ideas and discover what it’s like to be a participant.  You can then use that knowledge as guidance when creating your like to be a participant.  You can then use that knowledge as guidance when creating your own group.


Posting questions to your group members is a proven way to get members to engage.  People usually like to share their opinions.  However, resist the temptation to ask general questions simply to get people talking.  While this may prompt great conversation, it will likely stray from the purpose of your forum.  Try to pose questions that are relevant to your topic and ones that can provide valuable information about their needs.



Games are fun, and lots of people find the chance to win a prize irresistible.  So why not post some sort of game or contest in your group to get fans involved?  Be creative and purposeful.  It’s always best if your activity can get members interacting with each other or at least with the group administrator.  This helps to create a sense of belonging to the group.  A game task that inspires folks to share with their followers is also good, as it can get the word out about your brand.  For instance, photo contests featuring users with one of your products could lead to them sharing their picture on their own page. 



It’s true that you want to avoid spamming your members and avoid making the group one big sales pitch.  That doesn’t mean you can’t promote yourself or your business.  The purpose of your group likely was to improve some aspect of marketing or sales.  Feel free to post promotional content, especially if it is something that will be useful to our members.  People love bargains.  Be sure to let them know of upcoming sales, and offer promotional codes on occasion to your loyal Facebook Group members.   Share your webinar or eBook promotion.  People joined your group to learn something or to gain what you have to offer, so give it to them.

These are some suggested strategies to inspire and guide you along the way toward creating your own Facebook Group.   The potential of your group is boundless.  Enjoy the experience. 


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