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About April Barnard & Marketing with April

My name is April Barnard, I am known by many names, one of which is Grannie Apple (my favorite name). I am passionate about helping small businesses grow and succeed and helping others achieve their goals. I am the founder and owner of Marketing with April, Yes Vibes, LLC. and partner in Salt & Pepper Multi-Media!  I am on the Board of Directors for Hughes Springs Chamber of Commerce and work closely with the Northeast Texas Small Business Development Center to teach small businesses how to market their businesses effectively.  I have designed marketing programs to fit your small business needs no matter what your budget is.

You can have everything in life you want

if you will just help other people get what they want. 

~Zig Ziglar~

This concept has been the cornerstone of my career as an entrepreneur. I use my professional expertise and personal experience to provide the skills, services, and structures necessary to craft a positive impact in your business, thereby helping you break free from limitations, overcoming your fears, and living a healthy and positive lifestyle inside of your business.  Internet Marketing has been in my blood since I was introduced to my very first computer, the Commodore 64.  I was so excited the day that I received that computer, my Grandpa worked very hard in order to be able to afford to get it for me for Christmas.  I spent many hours in front of it writing different little programs, and my love for computers grew throughout the years.  I took every computer class available to me.  Shortly after that, I was introduced to Corey Rudl.  I took all of his courses and I still have them today.  Then it was on to Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, and Zig Ziglar for the self-development.   I soon became a certified Ask Database Designer for Alex Mandossian, I was in the Mastermind group and I was eating up all the knowledge that was available to me.


My passion is digital marketing, but I was afraid to utilize this knowledge for myself.  I owned several small businesses throughout the years, from a hand-made candle company to a Hosting and Web design firm.  While all of these businesses didn’t do badly, they really could have done better if I would have utilized the processes that I had learned and put my big girl pants on and took some risk.  By not taking the risk and not having a detailed business process in place, I was forced to make the decision to join Corporate America and get what most people would say and get a “REAL JOB.”  Yuck, I hate those words.

So for many years I put my entrepreneur hat away and learned structure and processes.   I worked for a successful financial company as their internet marketing manager, then a large ranch equipment manufacturer, a radio station’s digital marketing manager, and a director of dealer internet services at a well know trailer manufacturer.   The last job was challenging and I would have to say I learned a lot about processes, and it taught me a lot about myself. The CEO of the company would tell me on a daily basis to “Trust the Process”, and I never understood what he meant until I decided it was time to take the Plunge and chase my dreams of helping other small businesses be successful.


This is when I decided to start Marketing with April, which is a company with a focus on helping small business owners grow their business and succeed by using many of the marketing techniques and processes that were never before available to them.  I believe that every business should be able to market in a way that will allow them to grow their business.  For it is through this growth, that they are able to return something back to their community and help others to also realize their dream as well.