Reach New Audiences with Paid Search

Marketing with April can help you reach and expand your target audience, on the correct platform with our paid search marketing strategies.

Our processes include:

  • The Discovery Process
  • Strategizing
  • Landing Page & Campaign Setup
  • The Optimization Process
  • Analysis and Reporting

Paid Search Marketing

The paid search process goes through a variety of steps. At Marketing with April, we’ll be able to take you through each and every step easily and successfully.

The Discovery Process

The discovery process includes a variety of techniques including project briefs, paid search audits, keyword research, and competitive analysis.


The strategizing process includes two steps, paid search strategy and measurement planning to help improve your business goals.

Landing Page & Campaign Setup

Landing page and campaign setup includes processes like content implementation and technical implementation.

The Optimization Process

Optimization includes short-term adjustment and campaign adjustment.

Analysis and Reporting

The final step is analysis and reporting and this step includes monthly performance reports and quarterly reviews.

Keys to Successful Paid Search

There are three main keys to achieve a successful paid search. Selecting the right keywords, optimization and landing page creation, and continued analysis.

  • Proper Keyword Selection – The keywords you use choose must reflect what you are offering through your website/business.
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization – Your landing page should be designed to showcase your company’s unique products and services. As well as optimized to use the keywords you’re using to target your customers.
  • Continued Analysis – No matter what kind of campaign you’re running, it’s vital to have the proper reporting to go along with it. Marketing with April can examine the data and help determine what works best to drive your market forward.

When it comes to getting your business/brand off the ground and into the digital world, trust Marketing with April’s paid search marketing to get it done.