Text Marketing

What Is SMS Marketing?

Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing is a system that uses permission-based text messages to distribute promotional messages. This system is great when a company wants to send customers:
• Text Message Specials
• New Product Updates
• Product Information
• Store Promotions
• Upcoming Deals
• Etc.
Typically customers are required to sign up for this automated messaging system by texting a short code to the business providing the SMS service. The company in return sends a confirmation response as an acknowledgment for signing-up. It also usually includes an opt-out code for unsubscribing in the future.

Goals of SMS Marketing

The primary goal of SMS Marketing is to create a database of subscribers to generate increased customer loyalty. With so many people using mobile phones nowadays, text messages are a great way to connect with customers and potential customers in your area.

Besides generating customer loyalty, SMS Marketing is a great way to engage your customers by polling their opinions, alerting them to upcoming events and promotions.

Popular Uses for SMS Marketing

The great thing about SMS Marketing is that there are so many uses for it. Some of these include:

  • Mobile Coupons – Increase your traffic and receive better ROI. SMS coupons are proven to have ten times the rate of redemption as print coupons do.
  • Slow Day Marketing – If you’re having a slow day, SMS marketing allows you to send out special offers via bulk messaging. This can help make those slow days more profitable.
  • Daily Devotionals – Using group messaging, you’ll be able to send out daily messages to your customers to engage and stay connected with them.
  • Daily Specials – Have a special promotion coming up? Increase your responses by updating your customers on the special with a quick, mass text.
  • Appointment Reminders – Everyone likes to save time. Now you’ll be able to quit making those annoying phone calls and save time by reminding customers of their appointments with a simple text.
  • Auto-Responder – Tired of replying to every text individually? With SMS auto-responder, you’ll be able to save time and cut the hassle by automating replies to all of your opt-ins.

Our Promise to You

At Marketing with April, we understand the importance of communicating with your customers while keeping costs low. We’ll help you set up an effective, easy-to-use SMS system that will save you money and time while giving you the best support around.