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What We Do At Marketing with April

We are here to Serve You!

A full marketing agency, Marketing with April is capable of handling all of your online, advertising, and marketing needs. Along with building and designing complete, comprehensive, mobile-friendly websites, Marketing with April:

  • Offers media buys for Radio & TV
  • Handles Co-Op Advertising
  • Generates brand promotion through digital platforms such as social media, websites, and more.


How We Can Help You

Marketing with April goes above and beyond to help business and brands become favorite business/brand by centering focus on five types of behaviors.

  1. Presence – We’ll help increase your brand’s presence making by using relevant channels to engage customers.
  2. Utility – We’ll help your brand become invaluable by making your brand easily usable, helpful and purposeful.
  3. Honesty – Marketing with April believes in complete transparency and honesty and will help your brand achieve the same thing to improve customer trust.
  4. Action – Our team will take action to ensure your brand/business is performing continuously at its peak.
  5. Play – Of course you can’t forget about play! We’ll use creative designs and techniques to help your brand deliver a positive return on attention.

In order to get you the results you want, Marketing with April uses a multi-stage process to achieve success for your business or brand.



Each one of our strategies begins with our team reviewing which strategy will bring the most success to your business. Our primary goal is to establish a bond between stakeholders and simplify the issues at hand.

We take time to understand your customers’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Our expert team uses stakeholder interviews and tactical business planning to get an in-depth view of your brand.

From this, we’ll take the date we’ve gathered to determine your brand’s current and potential performance across all marketing channels. We’ll also use competitive mapping to determine where opportunities exist and utilize tools such as POS data and attribution modeling to refine our strategies.



For the next step, Marketing with April will map your brand’s presence to determine the future vision of your brand and help you build your very own Virtual Marketing Machine.


Road Mapping

The final stage includes a complete implementation plan to help take your brand from its current state to the desired future state. Marketing with April will promote your brand across all relevant channels while continuing to optimize and update your website, platforms, and social media outlets.

Our final goal is to establish an effective market presence for your brand to increase and grow your customer base and profit level. As a full-service marketing agency, we’re here to help you with all your needs. Give Marketing with April a call today.

Get your complimentary reputation report today, and start turning internet consumers into paying customers tomorrow.